Flexible File Storage for WordPress

WP Media Manager is like Dropbox for WordPress. There are no feature restrictions whatsoever, pricing is based solely on your storage requirements.

Premium Plugin & Support

£100 /month

  • Premium WordPress plugin & all features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Storage for all file types (documents, pdf files, video files, design files etc)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Guest file-upload / file transfer functionality
  • Advanced email notifications
  • Enhanced security and links
  • Ongoing plugin updates
  • Email support
Need custom functionality and installation support? No problem.


Who owns my data?

Your data is always your data. You can request a copy of it. You can have SFTP access. You can download it all, at any time. If you wish to leave our service at any time, we'll even help you transfer elsewhere.

Can I manage my own storage?

We setup and manage storage for 99% of clients to avoid customers making mistakes that could compromise security. Please contact us if you specifically wish to manage your own storage container.

Do you have documentation?

Sure, it's over here. If you have any other questions just drop us an email to

Can you handle more than 100GB?

Yup, we have existing customers using significantly more. Get in contact with us for custom pricing.

Do you offer free accounts?

Sorry, not at this time. As the famous quote goes .... "Fast, Cheap, and Good…pick two."

We're fast, and good.

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