Powerful File Storage for WordPress

Add secure and scalable file, folder and image storage to your WordPress site.

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Display an interactive, folder-style view of your files and folders. Options exist for a simple file listing, an interactive folder view or a card-style display. Additional display options exist, such as the ability to show or hide columns, and customise with your own brand colours.

Thumbnail previews are automatically generated for image files and custom fallback images can be set for other file types.


Once you have connected your preferred storage provider, all file management is done within the standard WordPress admin interface. Add, delete, rename, search and sort files all without leaving WordPress.

The file upload interface provides drag and drop capability, both for individual files, folders or multiple files at once.

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Tags are used to group files, these grouping can then be used in a variety of display options and for filtering.

Tags can be added, removed, grouped and renamed. In addition tags are hierarchical, so you can create complex parent and child relationships.


Embed functionality allows video and audio files to be embedded directly using an HTML5 video player.

Create a complete video library with full search capability with just a single shortcode. Alternatively provide individual clients or customers access to their own private video areas.



Add the capability for customers and clients to upload files to designated folders and directories.

Front-end users can 'click to upload' or drag files onto the upload area. Custom notifications and notification rules can be set on a per-folder level to trigger notifications to different team members within your organisation.


Monitor file usage and generate your own custom reports.

With our simple Google Analytics integration, you can get started with just one click, then we'll automatically send event information to your analytics account.

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Almost every single piece of core functionality is configurable via shortcodes in order to ensure the plugin is both extremely flexible, and compatible with all themes.

For example, you can use a standard WordPress membership plugin to create an entire client portal with unlimited file storage for your customers at extremely low cost.

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