Manage Files


Although files are stored in the cloud on Amazon S3 or Azure, all file management functionality is provided directly within WordPress.

The file management interface is very similar to that of Dropbox, hence should be a familiar user experience for the majority of people.


The file upload interface provides drag and drop capability, both for individual files, folders or multiple files at once. Functionality includes:

  • Add file(s)
  • Add folder(s)
  • Delete file(s)
  • Delete folder(s)
  • Rename file(s)
  • Rename folder(s)
  • Move file(s)
  • Move folder(s)
  • Tag files

There is the ability to 'select all' files in a folder and move/tag or delete multiples files at the same time.

Folder Structure

Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 to do provide native folder structures for object storage. Larger folder structure can be expanded and contracted as required.

Media Library

2 additional actions are added to your WordPress Media Library as follows:

  1. Copy to Cloud
  2. Copy to Cloud and Delete

This provides a simple method for moving existing files from WordPress to cloud storage. Files can be copied either on an individual basis, or using media library bulk actions.

Any files copied using this capability are moved to the root of your storage folder.

Multi-Select Download

It is possible to multi-select content and download more than one file at the same time. However, when you click the 'download' button with multiple files selected, the browser may think that multiple pop-ups are happening and try to prevent the functionality. If this happens please allow popups for the site.