List Files


The basic structure of the wpmedia_list shortcode is:

 wpmedia_list folder="folder/subfolder/file"

For example:

wpmedia_list folder="pictures"



All current parameters and shortcodes for futher functionality are listed below.

Parameter Example Notes
folder="folder/subfolder/file" wpemdia folder="my-company" required field
upload="true/false" n/a optional field, default=false. allowed file types must be specified in settings
pagination="true/false" n/a optional field, default=true
search="true/false" n/a optional field, default=false
thumbnails="true/false" n/a optional field, default=false
sort_by_column="1,asc" n/a optional field, default: 1,asc
hide_columns="Size,Type, Last Modified,Download" n/a optional field, default=false
display="list" n/a optional field, default:"table"
download_all="true" n/a optional field, default=false



For security reasons, the shortcode cannot be used without the folder= parameter (so, you cannot write wpmedia_list on it's own to list everything). To list the contents of an entire bucket you must:

  1. use the folder="root" parameter i.e. wpmedia_list folder="root".
  2. This setting applies to both the wpmedia_admin and wpmedia_list shortcodes.
  3. Ensure the folder=root option is enabled in Settings