Expiring Links

Link Sharing

Should you wish to share files with 3rd parties, such as customers, prospects or partners, the expiring links section allows you to do this in a completely secure manner. You are able to generate links for files that automatically expire after a set period of time.

By default all links in your S3 bucket are updated every 20 minutes, as per the link expiry time in your Settings. The expiring links section allows you to generate specific links with much longer expiry times up to a maximum of 7 days (note this 7 day limit is the maximum allowed in the most up to date version of the AWS signature settings).

The Expiring Links page table contains all expiring links you have generated along with:

  • The expiring link (with ability to copy)
  • When it was Created
  • When the link Expiries
  • Button to Renew the Expiring link
  • Button to Delete the Expiring link