The card shortcode is wpmedia_cards (soon to be wpmedia_cards).

e.g. wpmedia_cards folder="folder/subfolder"

  • show_recent="true/false" (Enables or disables the recently uploaded files slider)
  • show_cards="true/false" (Setting false allows users to render filters on their own and insert a custom banner before content)
  • show_trending="true/false" (Enables or disables the trending files slider e.g. show_trending="true" show_cards="false")
  • pagination can be added e.g. pagination="12"
  1. if you use the filters a small link appears to enable clearing of your filters ('Clear Search')
  2. if you use the search, a small link appears to enable clearing of your search ('Clear Filters')

Cards are responsive hence should show 4 on desktop, 2 on tablet, one row on mobile.

Ensure to ensure consistent card layouts we enforce the following rules so that the height of all the cards is consistent:

  1. Maximum title length is 2 lines
  2. We always show the file extension
  3. If the title runs over 2 lines we show an eplises e.g 'Title of this document is...jpg'

Pagination allows navigation forward and backgrounds. The number of pages is determined by the number of files in the folder as well as the "pagination=" setting.


AJAX filters provider the ability to filter and search through content without having to refresh the page.

No filters:

wpmedia_cards folder="Live Demo Folder/Images/Disney"

With filters (the filter name is the parent tag you'd like to use)

wpmedia_cards folder="Live Demo Folder/Images" filters="Company, Language"

With sort filters ('sort' is a predefined filter that adds most recent and most viewed/trending)

wpmedia_cards folder="Live Demo Folder/Images" filters="Sort, Industry, Language, Product" show_recent="true" show_trending="true"

Adding a predefined filter called 'Sort' enables sorting by last modified date (most recent first) and trending (most accessed files first).

Sort By

If you add the filters="Sort" parameter 3 'sort by' options and automatically provided:

  1. Name
  2. Recent
  3. Trending

1. Name

Sorts files in alphabetical order (A-Z)

2. Recent

Most Recent is determined by the files Last Modified date as displayed in the backend admin interface.

Most recent is also used on the homepage carousel.

3. Trending

A WordPress function updates a count when files are clicked, this is used to calculated the 'Most Viewed' filter.

Most viewed is also used on the homepage carousel, called "Trending".



show_recent and show_trending are false by default

show_cards is true by default