File Manager

The [wpmedia_manage] shortcode enables you to provide the same file management capabilities that exist within the backend wp-admin interface on the front-end of your website or within private pages.

The shortcode allows you to include the same capabilities that exist within wp-admin on any WordPress page or post:

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Tag
  • Recreate Thumbnail
  • Download

Use Cases

  • Allow contractors to manage files within specific client directories
  • Allow departments to manage content in their own sub-folders
  • Provide clients with a fully-branded file transfer service build using a page builder, without them ever needing to login to wp-admin
  • Provide the file management capabilities on a private page


To enable the file and folder management interface use:

[wpmedia_manage folder="Documents"]
[wpmedia_manage folder="Clients"]
[wpmedia_manage folder="Documents" breadcrumbs="false"]

Important Notes

  1. For security reasons, when using the admin shortcode the Move function is restricted to the folder specified in the shortcode. You cannot move a file (or view files or folders) to a level above that specified in the shortcode.
  2. For security reasons, by default no breadcrumb (file path) is shown as this would allow navigation up to parent folders. If you specific require breadcrumb navigation also include breadcrumbs="false". Only use this if you fully understand the implications.
  3. For security reasons, listing the root folder e.g. [wpmedia_manage folder="root"] requires the "Allow root folder listing" to be enabled in settings. This setting applies to both the [wpmedia_manage] and [wpmedia_list] shortcodes. Only use this if you fully understand the implications.